Bella Sera Nove 3


Bella Sera Nove 3

  • 9" depth

  • Three layers of 3” dunlop organic latex rubber

  • Choose the firmness level of each of the three layers. Choose separate layers for each side of the Queen and King Mattresses.

  • Organic natural rubber is encased in a stretchy zip open certified organic knit cotton and certified organic wool mattress casing.

  • 90 day comfort guarantee to purchase a new layer at a discounted rate to make your mattress firmer or softer


Editors note: This mattress is very similar some of the other layered mattresses, but at a great price point.  You can customize the firmness of each layer and also customize the firmness of each side (for queen and king size).  The natural latex is encased in an organic cotton and organic wool cover.  The organic cotton is a slightly stretchy jersey fabric which allows the mattress to conform more to your body than a mattress with a more rigid woven fabric.  If the feel isn't quite right at first, you can purchase new layers of latex for a similar cost of others latex exchanges.  For those who like a plush feel or a firmer base with some softness on top, there is also a pillowtop version, see the Bella Sera Nove 3 Pillowtop. For those switching from a temperpedic-type mattress, this is a nice choice because the stretchy cover lets the natural latex conform to your body. Not only is it an attractive mattress, with so many firmness options there is a great feel for everyone.

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