Sleeptek Euro 4


Sleeptek Euro 4

  • 10” thick organic rubber Mattress

  • Bottom 4” support layer can be ordered in medium or firm

  • Middle 4” center comfort system can be ordered in soft, medium, or firm

  • Top layer is made from an ultra-soft 2” organic rubber.

  • Different firmness levels can be chosen for each side of bottom and middle layer.

  • Covered with GOTS certified stretchy knit organic cotton and quilted to organic wool


Editors note: We are big fans of the layered latex mattress and the Sleeptek Euro 4 takes this to another level with even more latex, 10" all within the same zip cover.  The more latex, the more pressure relief and comfort you can get.  This mattress is customizable and the manufacturer is well respected.  For those who like a softer mattress, this is a fantastic choice.

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