Green Sleep Dolcezza


Green Sleep Dolcezza

  • The core of this mattress has 4 different layers of Indonesian natural rubber: they are, from the top down, a 2" soft layer (which is hand tufted to the wool and cotton cover), a 3" customizable layer, another 3" customizable layer, and a 1.5" firm layer.

  • The bottom layer is always firm, the top layer is always soft, but you can customize your firmness level of the middle layers. For the customizable layers, choose different firmness levels of each side for queen and king mattresses.

  • Each layer is wrapped in an organic cotton tricot for ease of handling and to protect the latex from oxidation and wear over time.

  • It is encased in a luxurious stretchy 100% organic cotton velour quilted to a very thick layer of “pure grow” wool from Texel.

  • Totally chemical free

  • Made in Canada


Editors note: The Green Sleep Dolcezza is our hands down favorite mattress, the quality of workmanship, materials, and comfort is top notch.  The organic cotton velour is the softest organic we've ever felt. You can customize your firmness level of the middle layers separately for each side of the mattress (queen and king sizes).  Also consider the Green Sleep Vimala mattress if you are seeking a slightly firmer mattress at a lower cost.

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