Lifekind- The Trio


Lifekind- The Trio

  • Includes three 3” layers of certified organic rubber of your choice of firmness
  • Top layer has five sculpted “sleep zones” and open-channel-construction to increase air circulation
  • Approx. depth is 10”.
  • 100% certified organic cotton cover quilted to organic wool
  • Handmade in the USA.
  • 90 Day Comfort Exchange


Editors choice: A great layered mattress that comes from a manufacturer that has always been dedicated to ultimate purity.  The unique part of this mattress is the sculpted top layer which does two things: 1. it helps reduce pressure points as the sculpted part of the top layer provides more and less support for the body areas that need more and less support and 2. due to the channels in the sculpted part of the latex, there is more air flow. A comfortable mattress, great for your body, that you can be assured is made from the purist materials.

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